The 2 3/4 inch machined steel adapter fits into the chamber of any break action or bolt action shotgun and allows smaller ammo, even .38 or .22 caliber to be shot.      
With these shotgun adapters, you can maximize the use of your shotgun by being able to shoot other gauges and even rifle and pistol calibers in your shotgun. This shotgun adapter is simple and easy to use. The smaller load inserts into the adapter, and the adapter inserts into the chamber of your shotgun.
You can shoot the downsized ammunition as you normally would. The adapter, with spent cartridge, is removed as you would a spent shotgun shell. The discharged shell will slide out of the adapter easily.

The adapters that shoot rifle calibers are not intended to take the place of an actual rifle. But they are handy to have with you when you are carrying your shotgun to increase your options.

These adapters require no installation or modifications to the shotgun. Just drop them into the chamber like you would a normal load.
The adapters eject like normal loads.

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 Video: 12 Ga shotgun shooting 20 Ga ammo.
Video: 12 ga shotgun shooting .22 ammo
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Video: Shooting a variety of adapters

Shoot smaller gauge shells, rifle, pistol ammo in your shotgun.

Drop-in sleeve quickly converts a shotgun chamber to shoot down-sized ammo.

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