Frequently Asked Questions

Will these adapters work in a pump shotgun or an autoloading (semi-automatic) shotgun?
Not very well. They work great in a break-action single shot, a double barrel, and over and under shotgun. But in a pump shotgun or an autoloading (semi-automatic) shotgun, the shell does not stay in the reducer sleeve as it is being thrust into the chamber. If you insert them manually into the chamber, they will fire. In a semi-automatic autoloading shotgun the adapter and the spent shell may not eject at the same time. On a pump shotgun they will usually eject together when you eject the spent shell.
How accurate are they?
The shot shells are surprisingly accurate. The pattern in a downsized shotgun shell is virtually the same as the standard load for that gun. They could be used for small game hunting.
The pistol and rifle calibers are not as accurate. You can hit a 1 lb coffee can at twenty paces....much of the time. I would not recommend them for hunting.
Do you make a 16 Ga to 20 Ga adapter? or a 12 ga to 16 ga adapter? or a 20 ga to 28 ga adapter?
No, because the adapter walls would be too thin. The diameters of those gauges are too close to being the same size.
Are the adapters rifled?
No, they are not. They are straight bored, reamed, and polished.
Do you ship internationally?
What is the quality of these adapters?
These adapters are of the highest quality, machined on a lathe by an accomplished machinist. They were not produced on a mass production CNC screw machine.
Can you shoot 3" shells with these adapters?
If you want to shoot 3" shells, contact us. We can ship custom adapters within 2-3 business days.